Memorial Day run recap..

05/24/08++ 5:42pm

Wow, so the North East still knows how to rock out.

We arrived in Boston after a small debacle at the airport: Turns out they had loaded the bags from the wrong plane into ours. I imagined myself on-stage wearing a Women's, size medium LuLu Lemon pant and tank top, fending off heckles from the audience. But alas, they remedied the situation and eventually arrived in Boston. After a very quick soundcheck before doors opened, I elected to stay behind so I could meet up with the rep from Zildjian cymbals and hear the opening DJ's who were quite great. With that decision though, I was sentenced to eating our backstage rider as dinner. Hummus ad trail mix does the trick, but is no sashimi on rice (Boston does really nice Sushi). Anyway, Our show was great. The Bostonians always know how to kick off a run with a ruckus. The first set contained only what we cojoured up, and I think we only stopped once. I like those sets.

Onto Philly. Jamie, who is probably one of the smartest and analytical people I have ever met had forgotten that it was memorial day weekend (I knew, but was like,"so what?"). Turns out that traffic is OBNOXIOUS this weekend, so after a leisurely breakfast, it was time to (as Jamie says) get the frick out of Boston. Yes, traffic. So, many episodes of Deadwood on DVD later, we made it to Philly for soundcheck. We love playing the The TLA. Great tech staff, nice PA. and the crowd is always great. It was great to sell it out before arriving too. That's always a nice welcome. The show went great. we definitely rocked and rolled in this one. It probably helped that some of the Biscuits contingent were standing side-stage, quietly and probably telepathically egging us on ("What you got New Deal?!") May I say that about 90% of what we've played on tour so far has been completely improvised. That's pretty much Jamie's doing. He gets this look in his eyes and I know to just keep going and riding the wave. I am very excited to hear the audio from these shows.

Well, I'm about to take off to the Bowery for sound check and am very much excited for the show tonight. Although the three of us don't spend massive amount of time together (Jamie and I, a lot more due to the JOIN), there is a definite comfort I feel when the three of us are together. We are coming up on our 10th year this September (Where will the anniversary show be?) and I still see us growing, mutating and further strengthening the sound that we began to develop almost a decade ago. I think that's pretty cool. Stay tuned for my review of the Bowery show (from my viewpoint at least) and we'll see you out there!


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